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water is safe...watch primary candidates debate before tomorrow's primary
Release Date: September 12, 2011

Tonight, Westchester County officials will be calling Greenburgh residents usin76 and Verizon channel 35 from Friday morning to Tuesday evening. The primary election will be held on Tuesday between 6 AM and 9 PM at g their automatic phone message machine advising residents to conserve water. They are asking Greenburgh residents to voluntarily conserve water. THE WATER YOU DRINK IS SAFE. NY State is experiencing problems with the Catskill water supply. They are shutting the aqueducts temporarily. Greenburgh is going to supply neighboring localities with water that we get from the Delaware water system--which was unaffected by the storm.
On Friday the county automatic phone calls stressed out lots of residents. Many people incorrectly thought that our water was not safe. And--the county never notified us (in advance) that they were making the phone calls. We all learn from our mistakes. Fortunately, we were notified today of the robo phone calls that will be made tonight. And-- I was able to confirm with the Commissioner of Public Works that our water is safe.
DEMOCRATS--tomorrow is primary day. There are contested primaries for Town Clerk and three Judicial spots. If you want to learn more about the candidates running in the primary tomorrow watch Greenburgh public access TV tonight and tomorrow. We are airing a debate non stop until tomorrow evening and have provided all the competing candidates with 5 minutes of air time (that will also run non stop) to highlight their campaign platform and to discuss their backgrounds. The candidate infomercials are not edited. They can say anything they want. Cablevision viewers should watch channel 76. Verizon watchers can learn more about the candidates by watching channel 35.

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