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A horrible new flood--causes terrible inconveniences to residents--flood relief needed
Release Date: September 07, 2011

Everytime there is a storm FEMA is asked to reimburse local governments, businesses and homeowners for their losses. The federal government would do better funding flood control projects that would solve the problem. The flood control initiatives would create jobs (which would help the economy). A federal flood control initiative would also help businesses in areas that get flooded stay in business. A national flood control infrastructure initiative would save taxpayers millions of dollars in the long term since FEMA would not be as needed since there would be fewer future property losses.
 Some local businesses in my town have already experienced four major storms in the past year --and have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Residents, who just cleaned up their basements and kitchens (after Hurriance Irene) are now experiencing more flooded basements/kitchens --less than a week after they cleaned up their homes, thanks to the Hurricane.  i JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH THE REICH'S--RESIDENTS OF OLD KENSICO ROAD. OLD KENSICO ROAD IS LOCATED NEAR THE BRONX RIVER PARKWAY.  THIS IS THE 4TH MAJOR FLOOD THEY HAVE EXPERIENCED IN THEIR HOME IN A YEAR. THEY ARE NEW RESIDENTS OF THE TOWN.  The Bronx River neighborhoods, like the Saw Mill River, also need flood control help.
I will be contacting our Congressional, state and county representatives. We need a national stimulus effort to solve flooding problems in Greenburgh and around the nation.
Greenburgh, NY Town Supervisor

From: sreich [Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2011 10:44 PM
To: Paul Feiner
Subject:  Old Kensico Road (New Flood 9/6)
Per our phone call, I am just informing you that our basement garage and storage room flooded due to the rising Bronx River and the brook next to our property that feeds into it.
Please be advised the fire department had responded in a quick and efficient manner.  Six inches of water remain in the basement as the fire department equipment does not go below that level.  Just yesterday, 9/5 an enviromental clean up was finished due to hurricane Irene.  It cost us  $4,200, which is immediately wasted because more mold is forming from today's rain.
The town, county, state or federal government need to put their heads together, communicate and come up with a solution to fix the problem.
Once the solution is found, you can seek funding from the appropriate parties.
As mentioned, because of hurricane Irene, my father in law was taken to the hospital the day of the hurricane due to the stress of witnessing the rising waters in the basement and never came back out. 
His funeral was today, 9/6.
Since we've been in this house now 15 months this has happened 4 times already.  No one should have to live in these conditions.
As of today, we currently still do not have heat, a/c or hot water or appliances and it is a good thing we don't because everything would've been damaged once again.
Your assistance is critically needed.  A solution MUST be found.
Thank You,
Scott Reich

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