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FW: Storm Update - Parking Areas
Release Date: August 28, 2011

Received this e mail from Stephanie Kavourias of the Hartsdale parking authority. PAUL FEINER

Sites B & D (north side of Metro North) were washed out by the Bronx River. The metered areas in this lot will be closed tomorrow. We have to wait for the water to recede so that we can assess the damage to the paved areas. The fence between our property in Site D was completely washed out. I've already arranged to have it replaced tomorrow. We are bringing in extra temporary personnel tomorrow to help clean up the mud and silt from the river; hopefully both areas will be up and operational on Tuesday.
I don't know if Metro North will run tomorrow as some of the tracks are still under water.
We've extended garage parking for the East Hartsdale Avenue residents until Monday evening so that the residential building owners can clean their lots and will monitor the situation and make adjustments as necessary.
There will be no parking enforcement tomorrow (Monday - August 29th).
The drains in Site A are running smoothly and we did not have any flooding. Unfortunately the brook behind 180 EHA ran over it's bank and flooded out the service road behind the stores and flooded all of the store basements. We are helping the store owners on East Hartsdale Avenue pump out their basements. We've installed two of our pumps in the lowest areas to assist. The fire department just arrived to help pump the water from the service road.

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