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hurricane advisories
Release Date: August 27, 2011

Last night the town's server was down so I was unable to respond to e mails. Fortunately, the server is now working. During the storm I will be providing residents with updates: road closures, downed trees, power outages, anticipated timetables for restoration of power etc... In the event that the town computer system is not working, I will post advisories on my facebook page (PAUL FEINER), on my linked in page and on my twitter account. You can also call me on my cell: 914-438-1343 or at home: 478-1219. I will personally return every phone call I receive.
TRY NOT TO GET STRESSED OUT OVER THIS STORM. i believe that the town is well prepared. We have many dedicated employees in our public works department and police department (and in other departments) who always go the extra mile --trying to help out when there are emergencies. During the past few days we have tried to take action steps --anticipating possible problems, hoping to prevent them from taking place.
If there are heavy winds stay home. One of the big dangers in a hurricane is falling trees.
If we need to open up shelters we will. If seniors need transportation to emergency shelters around the town I will reach out to the police department to help provide transportation.
Before you know it - the hurricane will be a memory and you and your family will have survived it.

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