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town pool won't close---This is what we plan to do to correct problems...
Release Date: August 03, 2011

During the past few years we have received some warning from Commissioner of Parks Gerry Byrne about the future of the town pool. The pool is aging.  And, will need to be replaced sometime in the future.  The county Board of Health has strict guidelines for pools. The problem for the town: a new pool will cost millions --could be six or seven million dollars.  This is not what taxpayers want to read about during the great recession.
This year we noticed that the fiberglass liner in the main pool has started to crack. I will be proposing to the Town Board, at the recommendation of the Commissioner of Parks, Gerry Byrne, that we remove the existing pool liner and replacing it with a pvc liner. This will be done after the pool closes down in the fall. The estimated cost: about $140,000. We hope that we will get a number of extra years of life out of the pool.

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