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Release Date: June 21, 2011

The Greenburgh Town Board met with representatives of the Hastings Affordable Housing Development Committee. The village is interested in purchasing property located at 52 Washington Ave for affordable housing. The property has been condemned. It has a certificate of occupancy for a three family residence but appears to have been used as a single room occupancy building. Substantial rehabilitation is needed. There are several liens on the property  including a real estate tax lien of $95,355.
The Hastings Affordable Housing Committee has explored its re-development options which include a 3 family rental building. The owners representative has expressed an interest in selling the property to Hastings.
If the affordable rental plan is pursued the units will be rented at about $1200 per month to households whose income does not exceed 60% of the median income adjusted by household size. This development would count toward the Westcheter County settlement requirement of 750 units.
Hastings is requesting that the town waive the interest and penalties associated with the tax arrears. Of the $95,354 in taxes, interest and penalties owed as of April 7th $20,114.66 accounts for interest and penalties. The members of the Town Board were receptive to the request.  

The Mayor of Hastings, Peter Swiderski, indicated that “the building has been a blight on the neighborhood for years. There was a history of problems, including drug dealing, health code and building code issues. Neighbors were relieved when the building was finally closed as an SRO.”
I am pleased to have the opportunity to help a village, within the town, achieve their affordable housing goals and to turn a blight into an asset. The Town Board took no action at the work session today. We were asked if we supported the concept and we do.

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