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Release Date: February 27, 2011

A community meeting will be held on Monday, February 28th at 7:30 PM at the Theodore Young Community Center on Manhattan Ave. Members of the Town Board will meet with residents to discuss concerns. These community outreach meetings have been held annually and provide the public with the opportunity to discuss issues with officials in an informal setting. The Board recently met at the Virginia Road school to discuss the future of WESTHELP.  Two other meetings are being scheduled during the month of March-- in Edgemont and E Irvington.
Among issues that are expected to be discussed: the recent announcement by the A & P to close the A & P supermarket on Route 119 (near Manhattan Ave) and Pathmark on Central Ave. Both store closures are expected to create hardships for the elderly and for lower income residents. Many seniors on Manhattan Ave, without cars, walk to the supermarket from their homes.
I have been in contact with Mort Williams, a smaller supermarket located next to Pathmark. They are applying for permission to accept food stamps. Over a week ago I wrote to a number of other supermarket companies - encouraging them to look at opening another supermarket at the soon to be vacant stores.
The town currently provides limited transportation to supermarkets - as part of our senior programs. We can make adjustments - if needed and help seniors and those on limited incomes  get to other supermarkets in the area to do some of their food shopping.  I have also contacted K Mart (located near the A &P) and am requesting that they address the food needs of their customers by increasing the food items being sold at the store. 
Budget issues (including the proposed NYS property tax cap) will be discussed at this meeting. Other concerns may also be addressed.

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