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2003 lowest crimes reported for any single year!
Release Date: February 05, 2004

In the 21 years for which the Greenburgh Police department has had access to crime records, the 1,108 crimes reported in 2003 represents the lowest number of reported offenses for any single year!  We had a 4.9% decline in crime compared to 2002 (when there were 1,165 crimes reported). Congrat’s to our police department for their excellent work.

ON ANOTHER MATTER---Please attend the County Department of Transportation’s Public Hearing on our public transportation system this Tuesday from 2-5 PMand 7-9 PMat the CountyCenterin White Plains. The County is considering the possibility of eliminating 44 bus routes including the Westchester-Manhattan express bus and a number of buses that are used by residents to get from their neighborhoods to the train stations. If these routes are eliminated there will be a big crisis. We don’t have adequate parking,our streets are already overcongested, many seniors and students need public transportation since they don’t have cars.

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