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Why snow is pushed -blocking drivewAys
Release Date: December 27, 2010

Many people complain about snow blocking driveways. I have spoken to other town officials. Unfortunately there is no other efficient way to clear the roads. Paul
Paul Feiner-914-438-1343

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We are receiving calls from some residents voicing their concerns about the snow being pushed into their driveways from Town trucks.

The storm dropped over 12 inches of snow. Some places it is drifted to 3 feet. We the plow the snow from the center of the roadway to the curb. This does result in large piles of plowed snow blocking walkways, mail boxes, driveways and parked cars.  Our responsibility is to clear the roadways of snow. We are not responsible to clear private driveways of the plowed snow. Homeowners should wait until the roadway is fully plowed to avoid the laborious task of digging out their driveway multiple times.

Victor Carosi

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