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Release Date: January 29, 2004

GreenburghTown Supervisor Paul Feiner spent part of today knocking on doors of the merchants on East Hartsdale Avesoliciting their views on the Farmer’s Market. East Hartsdale Aveis undergoing a major revitalization. There is currently only one vacancy on the street. Feiner said that most of the merchants he spoke to support continuing the Farmer’s Market.  Some indicated that they get additional business as a result of the exposure from the market.  A few merchants suggested that all the stores on East Hartsdale Avebe permitted to hold sidewalk sales in front of their stores during the hours of the Farmer’s Market. This would encourage merchants on E Hartsdale Aveto promote their own businesses during the Farmer’s Market hours.  Others suggested that we increase the fees for the farmer’s  and use the extra revenue to promote businesses on the street (example: an advertisement supplement in a regional publication promoting all the stores on the avenue).  Questionnaires have been distributed to all the merchants

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