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Report from snow plow duty
Release Date: January 28, 2004

Spent the morning on a highway Department snow plow truck with Sal DiCioccio.Sal has worked the same route for 15 years: Glenville and E Irvington. Sal worked throughout last  night &today, taking some breaks during the evening. The truck ride is bumpy and not very comfortable. It’s frustrating when he clears the snow on a street---residents frequently throw the snow back on the street when they clear their driveways. Mr. DiCioccio also suggested that we consider adopting a new law: a snow emergency law that will require all vehicles off the streets when it snows. At the present time he has to move the truck around vehicles—slowing up the process and making it difficult to completely remove the snow from every street. Driving the truck requires a tremendous amount of skill- some of the streets are very narrow. He had to move the truck back and forth a lot ---the work requires a lot of attention, no day dreaming!

I expect to work with employees in different departments at least once a month.  We all should be thankful that we have highway department employees like Sal who work hard and do such an outstanding job.


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