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Good news for edgemont parents with pre-k children: PLAYGROUND MAY BE COMING SOON TO NATURE CENTER
Release Date: November 14, 2010

Most sections of town have playgrounds that are accessible to children during the entire day. Edgemont parents have expressed concern. The current playgrounds in Edgemont are on school property and  are not accessible to pre-k children during school hours. That could change next year. The town is moving forward on a proposal to build a natures discover zone playground at the Greenburgh Nature Center, located in the Edgemont section of town. No taxpayer dollars will be spent. The town will spend $100,000 in developer escrow funds for this playground. On November 3rd the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board approved a resolution recommending $100,000 in developer escrow funds to be used for the natures discovery zone playground. The Planning Board will now review the proposal. If they approve the recommendation, the Town Board will have the final say. It is likely that the playground will be built in 2011. This is good news for the Nature Center (the playground should help them attract new members and visitors). This is good news for children.  This is good news for parents who have pre-k children in Edgemont who need a playground during school hours.
The proposed project is to install a playground on the Greenburgh Nature Center’s parkland that integrates play with nature.  The goal for the GNC is to capture people’s interest with a dramatic backdrop and provide a bridge of the imagination to the natural environment. The idea is to use expanded natural shapes to give participants the experience from an animal’s perspective and experience the benefits of play at the same time. This will not be your typical playground you find in our parks. The total cost of the project for phase I is $150,000.00 and the GNC has committed $50,000.00.

As required by Town Law, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is to make a recommendation on any escrow fund proposed project or land acquisition, and then pass their recommendation on to the Planning Board for consideration.  After the Planning Board makes a recommendation, both recommendations would be passed on to the Town Board for a final decision. 


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