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Committee to study impact of deer being formed
Release Date: January 24, 2004

"A committee is now being formed to study the effects of the recent increase in deer population in the Town of Greenburgh with regard to three major factors: (1) the ravages of Lyme and other serious tick-borne diseases  spread by deer, (2) the devastating defoliation of public lands caused by browsing deer, and (3) the road accidents and other hazards caused by deer. The committee will first study the problem, and then make recommendations to the Town of Greenburghand other governmental bodies as to the most viable alternatives to deal with  this growing menace.  Anybody interested in serving on this Committee should promptly contact the Town Supervisor by mail (Town Hall, 177 Hillside Ave, Elmsford, NY) or by e-mail (pfeiner@greenburgh.com)"

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