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Town to reach out to merchants on E Hartsdale Ave
Release Date: January 14, 2004

I discussed the issue of the continuing the Farmer’s Market on E Hartsdale Avetoday with members of the Town Board. We decided to reach out to all the merchants on the street and will invite them to an upcoming work session in a few weeks. We will ask them if they want to continue having a farmer’s market on E Hartsdale Aveor if they want us to move the market to another location (Webb Field, old Town Hall, etc…). The avenue has a new vegetable and fruit store and is almost totally occupied. E Hartsdale Aveis in better shape today than it has been in many, many years! Some people feel that the market provides unfair competition. Others disagree ---suggesting that the Market attracts visitors to the street, people who may discover new stores for the first time (generating additional business for the merchants). I will hand out a questionnaire to every merchant on the street in the coming weeks asking for their input. We started the Farmer’s Market early in my tenure as Town Supervisor because of all the vacancies. We did this for the merchants. Now, it’s time for merchants to provide us with their feedback since we want to help them be successful.

Your input would also be appreciated on this matter. I’ll share your comments with others.

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