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Green algae at Crane Pond to be addressed...TZ bridge briefing Wed evening
Release Date: August 08, 2010


Michael Anderson, P.C. is overseeing the Tappan Zee bridge project for New York State. He will be making a presentation to the Town Board at our meeting on Wednesday, August 11th at 7:30 PM. The state has been discussing options re: Tappan Zee bridge for over a decade.  They are getting closer to a final report. The actions will impact our town and villages (9A and 119 corridors). We have received periodic briefings from the state about the TZ bridge over the years. Your questions would be welcome.


I was chatting with a number of residents of Edgemont today about the algae at Crane pond. The pond looks like pea soup (IT'S ALL GREEN).  I have asked the parks dept to try to address this problem and to provide the Town Board with a corrective pan of action.


If you attended the Edgemont summer camp and want to say a few words at the Town Board meeting about David Rothstein, retiring director of the Edgemont day camp (he served for 31 years) your comments would be appreciated. David will be honored Wednesday evening at our Town Board meeting.


Paul Feiner



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