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Release Date: May 11, 2010

I received a letter from Peter Teliska, PE, Regional Transportation Maintenance Engineer for the New York State Department of Transportation today concerning the Sprain Brook Parkway being used as a storage area for trees by the state. This is what he said:
“The area is presently being used to temporarily store removed trees that were destroyed by the recent numerous storms. Many of these trees came from state roads in Greenburgh. We have taken precautions to insure that trees will not roll onto the road, and we have taken measures to keep the area secure. The state will continue to make use of this area until our tree cleanup work is completed. At that time, the area will be restored until we once again need it for storage. Cleanup and restoration will take several months. There are no residences or businesses immediately adjacent to this area which would be affected by the present or future use of this area.”  The letter was dated May 5, 2010.
I disapprove. I will be contacting Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky and the NYS DOT. I think that the dumping that is taking place at this location has turned the entrance to the Sprain into an eyesore. I do not believe that such a visible location should be used as a dumping ground. I hope the state will reconsider plans to turn this area into a permanent dump site whenever there is a need for storage.

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