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Release Date: May 07, 2010

         On Friday, May 07, 2010, at approximately 10:54am, Greenburgh Police Officers responded to #54 Joyce Road, Hartsdale, in the Town of Greenburgh on a report of a suspected explosive device. The caller, who was identified as Joseph Barden was assisting his elderly neighbor in removing old items from the attic. Mr. Barden discovered what he described as a mortar round shell in the attic. He then reportedly picked up the device and brought it outside and placed it on the front lawn, before calling the police.
      Greenburgh Police officers arrived at the scene and closed off the area to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  Sgt. Anthony McVeigh of the Special Operations Unit responded to the scene and identified the device as old military ordinance. An exclusion zone was established by Special Operations Officers using ballistic blankets which were placed near the device in case of detonation. The Westchester County Police Department Bomb Squad Unit was notified and responded to the location. Bomb Squad Officers under the command of Lt. James Luciano identified the device as a World War II 2.36” M87 Practice Bazooka Rocket that had military markings denoted on the rocket bearing M87-PRAC. The bazooka rocket was x-rayed by the Westchester County Police Bomb Squad and classified as a “live” practice round. The device was made safe by Members of the Westchester County Police Bomb Squad, and removed from the scene. The ordinance will be stored at an undisclosed location for future disposal by the U.S. Military.
    The bazooka rocket was described as approximately 2’ long and 2.36” in diameter. It is unknown by the homeowner, Kathryn Sloate as to how the device was stored in that attic and for how long. It was learned through the investigation that Mrs. Sloates’ late husband, was a World War II Veteran who served in the United States Air Force.

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