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Release Date: April 05, 2010


I have received some calls about the storm debris clean-up from residents. I received the following e mail from the Commissioner of Public Works, Victor Carosi. I will continue to keep you updated.
Thanks for your patience. This is a difficult effort – we are trying very hard to address the clean up as quickly as possible.
The Town of Greenburgh Department of Public Works is currently collecting tree and yard debris from the effects of the March windstorm and the earlier February Snow Storm.  These two events resulted in an unprecedented number of trees downed and damaged.  The windstorm resulted in 55 large trees along the roadside uprooting and impacting homes.   The total number of trees down is well into the 100’s.
The Public Works department has two crews assigned and dedicated to debris collection daily.  Heavy equipment is used to collect and dump the debris into our large container trucks, where it is then brought to the Taxter Road waste transfer station.  Additionally, sanitation crews collect bundled debris as part of the normal organic yard waste collection program.
DPW work crews started the collection of tree debris following the initial clearing of blocked streets on Saturday, March 20.  That day, crews were focused in neighborhoods that received the greatest damage and were most impacted with large debris restricting access in the neighborhood.  The next week, efforts focused largely on removing the many municipal trees that impacted homes.
As of the publication date of this bulletin (April 5, 2010), work crews have made a first pass through the southern part of the Town, including Cotswold and Edgemont sections.  Crews then moved to the north part of the Town and are now working in the Wyndover park neighborhood and soon will be in the Parkway Homes area.
While it is very difficult to predict exactly when the work crews will be in any neighborhood, updates are provided periodically through the “g-list” e-mail system
Residents are reminded that bundled debris in 4-foot lengths or less will be collected by the Sanitation Department weekly as part of the normal Organic Yard Waste program.  Also, residents are encouraged to advise any contractor working on their property to bring debris directly to the Town Taxter Road Waste Transfer Site rather than placing all the tree branches and debris curbside and waiting for Town DPW to collect.  Dump tickets are required and can be obtained at a nominal fee at our DPW Office in Town Hall.  While the Town will collect bulk tree debris left curbside, it may take many weeks for crews to be in your neighborhood.  Therefore, we encourage residents to employ their contractor to include debris removal from the property.
With the large number of tree uprooted, many residents are asking when the remaining stumps and trucks will be removed.  Again, as we are still collecting debris, the removal of stumps and restoration of the surrounding soil will not commence until all debris is removed Town-wide.   We currently estimate debris clearing Town-wide will extend into June.

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