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Release Date: March 25, 2010

I received the following from the Commissioner of Public Works. I will continue to update residents about the status of our cleanup efforts. Please be patient. We have lots of work to do since there is so much debris from the storm to pick up.
Please be advised Town DPW crews are working daily to clean up debris from the recent storm and will continue until all curbside debris is collected.   Due to the enormity of the task at hand, we estimate it will take up to 10-weeks to make our first pass through the Town.    Residents are reminded that gardeners and tree care companies can obtain a permit to bring debris directly to our Taxter Road waste transfer station rather than leave the debris curbside.  Permits are available at the DPW Office, Town Hall. 
Note also that bagged and bundled debris will be collected by Sanitation crews weekly, Wednesday through Friday.
As of Tuesday, March 23, the Town DPW has cleared debris from:
The Cotswold area, neighborhoods along Fort Hill Road, south of Ardsley Road (except a portion of Andrea Lane), neighborhood streets near Tanglewood Road the Longview Road area, most streets in Edgemont, except the intersection of Gleenwood Road and Barclay Road (low hanging wires).  Orchard Hill neighborhood, Mayfair Acres neighborhood.
The crews are working generally from the northern portion of the Town including North Elmsford, Parkway Homes, Wyndover Park southerly back to Edgemont, Costwold and the Longview neighborhoods.  Once a first pass is completed Town-wide, we will turn around and make a second pass until all debris is collected.  We currently estimate 10-weeks to complete the first pass through the Town. 
We are aware that debris is being cut and brought to the curb daily and some streets that we collected last week already have more debris to collect at this time.  We ask residents to please be patient as we anticipate clean-up will take up to 10-weeks. 
In addition to removing debris, other Town DPW crews have 49 additional storm damaged trees to remove and at last count, 55 tree trunk, stumps to remove. 
Updates will be provided periodically to keep residents informed of our progress.
Residents in Parkway Homes and Wyndover Park should expect crews during this next week.

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