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con ed power outage--it's not fun getting power on at the end...
Release Date: March 17, 2010

Received additional reports during the night of power being restored around the town. More trucks have been seen from around the country assisting in the power restoration.
Some residents have sent me e mails or called me complaining about always being last-- everytime there is a storm.  After the storm is over I plan to organize a community discussion with Con Ed. Why was power restored to NYC and Staten Island before Westchester? Why are some neighborhoods treated better than others during a storm?
What can we do better? For example--two days ago I was driving on a street in a neighboring jurisdiction. Half the street was closed (due to a fallen tree). There was a yellow tape across the road indicating that the portion of the road was closed. No blinking lights. No stop sign. No warning beside the tape. And--no human being warning of the street closing. I had to make a sudden stop to avoid the tree.
What would you do differently if you were Con Ed or an elected official?

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