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A constituent report central ave and storm
Release Date: March 14, 2010

I have been swamped with calls on my cell and emails. This e mail summarized the problems we are experiencing. I am scheduled to participate in a conference call with con ed in twenty minutes. Paul Feiner................... just went to get gas for the generator – it is crazy out there.  The glass at Scarsdale Ford’s show room was literally blown out.  You are probably aware there is large tree blocking the Northbound side of Central Avenue just south of Central Avenue/Ardsley road intersection.  Crew is cleaning up that downed tree.


In Cotswold, while trying to return home I drove through the neighborhood as Central Avenue was blocked and there was a scene at Scarsdale Ford, I noted:


A tree on a diagonal ready to come down just south of the Hadden Inverness intersections making the road impassable unless someone is feeling lucky;

A tree blocking Chedworth near the Chedworth/Cotswold Way intersection – separate from the tree across Cotswold Way but right near it; and

A large branch blocking Kempster making it impassable;


Stay home is right!  I have enough gas for the night now.

Paul Feiner-914-438-1343

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