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Release Date: January 25, 2010

The second half of the school taxes is due on Monday, February 1st . Usually, the taxes are due by January 31st. However—since the 31st falls on a Sunday you have an extra day to pay the 2nd half of your school tax bill (which the town only collects but does not have any control over).
The office of the Receiver of Taxes (David Dwinell is the Receiver) will maintain regular office hours this week (till 5 PM). However—on Monday, February 1st the office will be open until 7 PM. You can also pay by credit card (there is a nominal fee. Or…you can pay on line without a charge (www.greenburghny.com). In the past some people who have paid on line have made mistakes when typing info on the site. Be careful. If you make a mistake and it is not caught before February 1 at midnight –your payment will not have been received.
Please try to pay on time. Unfortunately, penalties are assessed if people are late in their payments.
The town acts as a collector of taxes for each of the school districts. The school districts are independent of the town. Voters in each of the school districts have the ability to vote for or against school budgets and tax rates in the spring.  The town guarantees the school districts 100% of the taxes –whether we collect the taxes or not from property owners.
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