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Release Date: December 09, 2009

The Greenburgh Town Board will be taking some action steps tonight to reduce the workforce. We will be voting on a resolution offering a targeted $15,000 cash retirement incentive to current full time town employees who retire from the town within 60 days provided that the retiring employee’s full time position within his/her department will not be replaced within the department. We will also be accepting a grant in the amount of $24,500 from NYS Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to perform a municipal energy conservation study for the town of Greenburgh.  To generate additional revenue for the town, the Town Board will be voting on a resolution next week that would amend NYS law to permit towns and villages to impose a hotel room ‘occupancy tax’ on hotels receiving rental income from the rental of hotel rooms within the town, similar to the Hotel room Occupancy tax authorized b y NYS law for counties and cities. This could produce significant revenue for the town (probably six figures) and help reduce tax increases in the future.
The Board will be promoting Chris McNerney to Captain, Thomas Maguire to Lieutenant and Nick Reckson to Sergeant. Nick’s father Abe (who is currently retired) served as Sergeant over a dozen years ago!   The Board will be holding a public hearing to consider an agreement between the town of Greenburgh & Ardsley to provide fire protection services to unincorporated area residents of south Ardsley and Chauncey Fire Protection districts for the year 2009. A vote is expected next week. I have been receiving calls from residents who expressed concern that the town would be contracting with a PAID fire district to replace the all volunteer Ardsley fire district. These calls are based on inaccurate rumors. Why would the town unnecessarily increase taxes by replacing an all volunteer fire dept with a paid dept? This would be ridiculous.
The Ardsley fire dept does a fantastic job of providing service to some residents of unincorporated Greenburgh. The volunteers are very dedicated and service is outstanding.
We will hold our 2nd budget hearing tonight at 7:30 PM. We expect the budget (to be modified after the hearing) to be approved sometime next week.
Greenburgh: Named by MONEY MAGAZINE in 2008 as “ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO LIVE” IN AMERICA (#80)
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