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Release Date: November 01, 2009

When Chief John Kapica first took over as Police Chief almost 18 years ago - Halloween night was one of the most aggravating evenings for residents and the police.  Residents experienced property damage throughout the town. Teens roamed the streets scaring property owners.  At times cars were burned. Chief Kapica, to his credit, addressed the problem by assigning many police to different sections of the town on Halloween night. He advised school districts to notify students that they would be taken into police custody if caught defacing property.  We even sent a police bus to neighborhoods to take gangs of teens who were causing trouble to the police HQ.
Every Halloween night since the Chief took office, the Chief & I have patrolled the streets of Greenburgh on Halloween night. We have stopped by at homeowners who have experienced problems in the past and we check the police radio during the evening --monitoring activity around town.
I am very pleased to report that last night was the quietest Halloween in memory. Although we saw some police confiscate eggs in one neighborhood, Halloween pranks were minor -almost non existent.
Chief John Kapica will be retiring as Chief at the end of this month. I want to thank the Chief for his leadership --helping to make Halloween a safe experience for children and parents. The town will continue to provide the police with the resources necessary on Halloween night. I will continue to patrol the streets of Greenburgh on Halloween night with the police department.  Captain John DeCarlo, who assumes office as Chief, was part of the team that organized our successful response to Halloween night and is committed to continuing town wide patrols on Halloween.

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