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TV Show on Backup Power Systems
Release Date: September 15, 2003


 The recent blackout spurred a huge surge of interest in backup power supply systems as well as in ways to cut back on the use of electricity from the grid, through conservation, efficiency and alternative energy sources such as solar. Information for consumers about blackout preparedness with such products and systems is the focus of the September segment of "The Energy Show," a Greenburgh public access cable TV show hosted by Town of Greenburgh energy conservation coordinator Nicola Coddington. In this month's segment, guest Carsten Ginsburg, president of Creative Energy Technologies, gives an overview of various types of small backup power systems, ranging from inverter/battery-based systems that power a few lights and essential appliances in a house to portable products that can power electronics such as a laptop or cell phone-emphasizing products that either are solar-powered or have the capability of having solar panels added at a later date. "I wanted to address people's desire to be better prepared for the next blackout," says Coddington, "and also show how in doing so they can already take advantage of the sun's energy to be independent of the grid-now. We also discuss easy ways to reduce the amount of electricity one uses-because of course, that's important in avoiding future blackouts as well as for environmental and national security reasons."

"The Energy Show" can be viewed by cable subscribers in the Town of Greenburgh (including all incorporated villages) on Channel 76 at 6 pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month, and in unincorporated Greenburgh on Channel 75 at 7 pm every Friday.

Greenburgh residents who have questions about energy efficiency or conservation, renewable energy, or related energy topics may contact Coddington at Greenburgh Town Hall on Thursdays and Fridays at 993-1649 or at greenburghenergy@earthlink.net.

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