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Release Date: August 05, 2009

The Greenburgh Town Board ratified a contract with the CSEA at tonights Town Board meeting. Members of the CSEA approved the agreement last week.  The CSEA members will receive a zero percent salary increase in 2009.  The employees had been working without a contract since January 1, 2008.
The contract contains a 3% retroactive salary hike to 2008 (the CSEA workers had been working without a contract since January 1, 2008). Management had received a salary hike in 2008. It would have been unfair to grant management a 3% hike in 2008 and to deny CSEA employees the same benefit. Elected officials have not received any salary hike in 2008 and in 2009. Management received no salary increase in 2009.
TOWN HALL OPEN ONE ADDITIONAL DAY...In the past town employees had a vacation day on Lincoln's Birthday. Many residents were inconvenienced by that holiday and were surprised when Town Hall was closed. Effective January 1, 2010 Lincoln's Birthday will not be celebrated --government offices will be open. However, employees will receive one additional personal day which must be used within the same calendar year.

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