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Release Date: July 30, 2009

Last night  the Planning Board passed a resolution recommending that the Town Board release $120,000 from the Town Parkland Fund (non tax dollars from developer fees)  for building a new playground at Richard Presser Park. The new playground will replace the existing playground which was built (with community participation) in the early 1990s.   This playground is located near the Highview School. Earlier this year I spoke to the children at Highview School. They asked for a new playground—pointing out that the existing playground is not in great shape.
In June, the Greenburgh Parks and Recreation Advisory Board passed a similar resolution. The playground (which my daughter has used) is wooden—does not meet current standards. It is a heavily used playground, used almost non stop on a daily basis. Tens of thousands of kids have enjoyed the playground over the years. The existing design is very well received and not too many types of playground features will be changed but the industry does have some new and exciting features we will discuss and review as a community. 
The Webb Playground was the first of many new playgrounds to be built in the 1990s. It is one of the largest playgrounds in the town (Yosemite Park being the largest). Because the park is near the Highview School I would like to involve the students of Highview in helping the town decide what new and exciting features should be incorporated in the playground. The Town Board will be holding a public hearing on the playground. Wouldn’t it be great if one of the hearings can be held at the Highview School? This way the students will be able to participate in government and see how the decision making processes work. Holding a hearing at Highview School will also show the children at Highview how relevant government is to their lives.
The current playground has three sections –one of the sections is geared to children 2-5 years old. Another: 6-12 year olds. A third: 2-12 year old swing sets. If your child does not attend Highview and wants to participate please advise.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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