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Release Date: August 16, 2003

Last night I spent a number of hours with the Greenburgh police patrolling some of the streets in Greenburgh. I was extremely impressed with the terrific job the police/fire departments did responding to the blackout. However---I was disappointed that we were unable to provide seniors/disabled residents with temporary air conditioned shelter. As a result, I am proposing to the Town Board that we place a generator at either the Theodore Young Community Center or Multipurpose Center. In the event of an emergency the center would be designated as an emergency shelter--and will have electricity/air conditioning/heating. We did provide an emergency air conditioned bus at 90-100 Manhattan Ave (in front of apartments) last night. PAUL FEINER

NORAH McAVOY, who has served as Comptroller for the last six years and Deputy Comptroller previously, has submitted her resignation--effective September 12th. We will miss her. She did a terrific job. During her tenure as Comptroller and Deputy the town's bond ratings have increased 3 times---to the highest level ever. The town will be taking out an ad in the NY TIMES advertising the position. We will only consider applications with significant governmental/accounting experience. Details will be posted on our web site.

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