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Drive in movie coming to town July 19
Release Date: June 25, 2003

The Town of Greenburgh, in cooperation with Madison Sq Garden, will host our 3rd annual drive in movie at town park on July 19 (rain date July 20th) as part of our annual Celebrate Greenburgh day. The movie: Disney's Lilo & Stitch....movie starts at 9 PM! Event to take place at AF Veteran Town Park
Eckerds will be filing an application to rent the old IGA supermarket space on E  Hartsdale Ave. To do some extensive streetscaping....will sell milk, eggs, etc...
FROM THE COMMITTEE ON OPEN GOVERNMENT, NY State ---Talk of the Towns Magazine (March/April 2000)  "It is not unusual for a public body to place a limit on the amount of time that it permits individuals to speak or the period during which it will authorize the public to speak. A limitation of 3 minutes per person is quite typical."  (OML Opinion No 3074)

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