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Summer opportunity for students with leadership potential
Release Date: January 08, 2009

  I just learned of an interesting program for girls who are sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school who are interested in politics. A leadership retreat. Please pass this on to students who have leadership potential.
Great opportunity for our girls!

Let's start them young. This program also builds self-esteem...they do not
need to be interested in politics to be chosen to attend!

COST: The program is entirely FREE of charge, and travel scholarships are
available to sophomores, juniors and seniors!

Running Start is accepting applications for their 2009 Young Woman's
Political Leadership Retreat. Please share with teachers and
encourage any high school girls you know to apply!!!

WHAT: Running Start encourages high school girls from across the
country to channel their leadership into politics. Participants will
meet extraordinary women leaders of diverse backgrounds and learn the
importance of having more women in political leadership and running for office.
EVEN if the girls are not interested in politics, this is
a great program way for them to build self-esteem, practice public
speaking and learn to collaborate with other young women.

WHO: Open to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school

WHERE: American University, Washington D.C.

WHEN: July 15-19, 2009 (no applications will be accepted after February 16,

COST: The program is entirely FREE of charge, and travel scholarships are


For more information, or for specific attachments contact Susannah
Shakow at 202.421-4102 or info@runningstart.org.


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