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Town Bd. to take action on comprehensive plan
Release Date: June 11, 2003


The Town Board will vote on the following tonight at our Town Board meeting which will be held at the Theodore Young Community Center. Because of anticipated rain meeting will be held indoors.
1. The  SEQRA Statement of Environmental Findings for the Comprehensive Plan.
2The Comprehensive Plan and the Addendum to the Comprehensive Plan, which identifies amendments to the Plan that have evolved from investigations and analyses undertaken subsequent to the completion and release of the October 2000 report. 
3.    Adoption of Floor Area Ratio Requirements for one-family Homes "McMansions" to address  the     current problem with an increasing number of new houses in the Town that are disproportionately large in relation to the size of the lot and other houses in the vicinity.
Setback requirements will be increased to provide expanded yard areas.
4.    Limitation on ddevelopment on parcels containing regulated steep slopes and wetlands.  Parcels that contain steep slopes and wetlands shall be subject to yield reduction based on the area of wetlands, and the area of sloped land and the steepness of the gradient. 

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