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Release Date: June 04, 2003

Lorraine & Harvey Gildner were victims of yesterdays fire at 300 S Central Ave in Hartsdale.  They did not have insurance and lost all their personal possessions. They lost everything. They had been paying about $800 in rent which included the electricity for their two bedroom, two bath apartment. They have 2 dogs who are homeless. Mr. & Mrs. Gildner both have medical problems--Mr. Gildner has heart problems and had surgery from an injury recently. The problem is that they can't find temporary shelter at the $800 rate (which is all they can afford to pay).
This alert is being written to ask for your help. If you know of a large bedroom (which can also accommodate the dogs) please advise Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner by e mail: pfeiner@greenburgh.com. You can call Paul Feiner at 993 l540 or at his home: 478 l2l9.
If you would like to help the Gildner's with their financial problems you can make a check payable to them and send it to Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner, PO Box 205, Elmsford, NY l0523. You can make a tax deductible contribution to Have a Heart for the Homeless also and we will give l00% of your check to the Gildner's.

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