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Mickey's hot dog stand to re-open
Release Date: October 09, 2008

Remember Mickey's old fashioned hot dog stand? The stand had operated for 78 years on Jackson Ave but was closed down in 2007 because the hot dog stand did not comply with our zoning laws. Mickey's son, who took over the business from his late father, applized for a zoning variance. Good news! The old fashioned hot dog stand is coming back to Jackson Ave. The Zoning Board approved the variance request.
The ZBA noted in it’s decision that the location of this property -- along a heavily-traveled road adjacent to two major highways and high tension electrical transmission towers -- and its relatively small size renders it unique, unmarketable and not conducive to any  other use permitted in the R-20 District.

The ZBA noted that the hot dog stand is located in a properly licensed truck which is only located on the property for several hours a day in good weather; there are no permanent buildings of any kind on the property and none are needed for the proposed use.  Similarly, the applicant’s other modest retail uses: selling flowers on Mother’s Day, Valentines Day and Easter Sunday and selling Christmas trees for two or three weeks before Christmas, are also very limited in time and nature.


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