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Release Date: August 21, 2008

.Robert Dam, one of the Building Inspectors for the town, might  have saved a life recently. The following is a thank you e mail we received from a grateful resident. The town is proud of the fact that we have outstanding employees like Robert Dam working for us. We encourage everyone to get a carbon monoxide detector

        Dear Mr. Dam,     

        Please let me take the time today to personally thank you for saving my life. When you came to my home last July, you told me I needed to get a carbon monoxide detector. To be honest, I only did so just to go through the motions. Last night, I did something very foolish, I left car running in my garage. For six hours my car was running. The carbon monoxide alarm sounded, I called 911 and was told to get out the house. The Fire Department came and it was then I realized what I had done. The guys from fire house were wonderful. They opened all the windows, shut the off the gas and hooked up a fan to clean the air. They were very concerned if I was okay and stayed until it was safe to go back in. They turned the gas back on, checked the furnace and my range, making sure everything was the way they left. One fireman in particular, I should have gotten his name, explained to me what was happening in a way I could understand. But it all comes back to you, you saved my life last night.        

        Yours very truly,
        Dolores A. Tilford 

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