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Job Opportunity
Release Date: April 30, 2003

       Native English Speaker

       Booming trend to learn English in the Orient is more than our imagination  
       particularly in Korea from young children to adults. Their anxiousness for  
       learning English is indescribable

       There seem to be no difficulties of learning English for them with their 
       grammar and writing, but their pronunciation and accent.

       My consideration is to ;

Match tutors in U.S. to students in Korea over the phone.

Let them speak and correct the pronunciation and accent for agreed period
       of time at designated hour. (30 minutes, an hour or more if possible).

       Let them chat, converse, going over a text book, or discuss on a given subject
       very casually.

       The job will be paid depend upon the size of student(s), length of session, and
       degree of student's popularity. 
       I would say that the job will start from $15 an hour.
       (Demonstrative job for 30 minutes will not be paid)

       No qualification and experience other than articulateness of pronunciation

       Work at home.

        Thank you for your interesting and please feel free to calling me
        @ 914-723- 7815 or contact through PPARK76090@AOL.COM

        Peter Park

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