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www.fordham.edu/tick. TICK INDEX
Release Date: July 28, 2008

FordhamUniversity has an interesting tick index—advising people of their risk of being bitten by deer ticks. The web site is www.fordham.edu/tick.  Thomas Daniels – who resides in our town- developed the tick index.

Fordham Tick Index

Your risk of being bitten by a deer tick this weekend is:
for the weekend of JULY 26 and 27:

01 = Low risk.  Enjoy the outdoors, but take precautions.
05 = Moderate risk.  Ticks are fairly abundant.  Use caution.
10 = High risk.  Limit exposure and use extreme caution.  If you’re thinking of taking a hike, consider going to a movie instead.

The Fordham Tick Index is an estimate of the risk of being bitten by a nymphal or adult deer tick.  Both of these stages are active at this time of year, although the smaller nymph is responsible for many more cases of Lyme disease.  This index measures risk relative to other times of year.  For more information about preventing tick bites, controlling ticks, Lyme disease and other illnesses ticks carry, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

The Fordham Tick Index is provided as a weekly public service by FordhamUniversity and is based on both current and historical data from one site in Westchester County, N.Y.  It is an estimate only. Actual risk may vary geographically.  Therefore, always take precautions to prevent tick bites when outdoors. 

TICK FACT OF THE WEEK:Amazingly, the body weight of a deer tick female can increase by 200 times as a result of fully feeding on a host.
For more information, contact Thomas Daniels

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