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Release Date: June 27, 2008

These are difficult times for all of us. Governments at every level are cutting programs, expenses. The town must do the same. The Town Board and I have asked every department head to identify possible cuts. This Tuesday, beginning at 2:30 PM, we will commence our 2009 budget process --and review of spending reductions. You are invited to attend our work session or to listen to the discussion on the web: www.greenburghny.com. Our meetings are streamed live on the internet. This Tuesday Commissioner Al Regula will discuss eliminating back door pickup of garbage--which will save over $250,000 and eliminate 5 positions.
In addition, Town Board members Sonja Brown, Diana Juettner, Kevin Morgan, Sonja Brown, Town Clerk Judith Beville and I are planning to spend at least one night a week until November knocking on doors - making housecalls to discuss the budget/possible cuts/quality of life issues. If you would like the Town Board to stop by at your house - please e mail townboard@greenburghny.com.
Cutting programs is not always pleasant. But--our economy is in trouble and we have no other choice.

From: AL Regula
Sent: Fri 6/27/2008 3:03 PM
To: Paul Feiner
Cc: Town Board; Angelo Nanna
Subject: 2009 Budget issues
As a part of the ongoing cost reduction effort being undertaken by all town Departments, the DPW is considering a proposal to eliminate the “back-door” pickup of garbage throughout the Unincorporated Area.  Historically, not all residents have availed themselves of this service and therefore only those who previously have had their garbage picked up in the rear or side yards of their homes would be affected
The savings resulting from this change would be significant, in excess of $250,000.  They would include salaries of up to 5 positions that could hopefully be eliminated without layoffs, through attrition and transfers, the benefits associated with these positions, reduced vehicle and fuel usage since satellite vehicle use would drop dramatically and trucks would not be stopping for as long a time waiting for crew members to bring garbage out.  The fact that employees would not be carrying garbage from rear yards would also reduce injuries and Workers Compensation expenses.
The discussion of this proposal will take place as the development of the 2009 Town operating budget progresses.
Albert S. Regula
Commissioner of Public Work
Town of Greenburgh
Work Session Agenda of the Greenburgh Town Board
Tuesday – July 1, 2008
(All Work Sessions are Televised Live on Cablevision Channel 76, Verizon 32 and are streamed live.   Work Sessions and Town Board Meetings will be aired each Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:02am and 4:45pm. Each segment will run for approximately 6 to 7 hours, depending upon the length of the two meetings.)
2:00p.m.         Gas Consumption
2:15p.m.         Global Warming
2:30p.m.         Budget Reviews, Part II – Dept Heads: DPW      
3:30p.m.         Implementation of Recommendations re: Sewer District Audit
4:00p.m.         Executive Session
            5:30p.m.         Adjourn
East Hartsdale Farmers Market Jazz Series – Performances to Date
July 5 –
July 12th – The Blues Dogs with Al Frankel
July 19th and September 6th – Westchester Harp Ensemble
August 2nd – Julie Corbalis
October 11th – Ceasar Cantori
We are looking for more jazz artists! Please contact Judith Beville, Town Clerk at: 993-1500

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