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Capital budget released
Release Date: March 28, 2003

2003 capital budget released by Town Supervisor: Amount is $2,250,850. Department heads very disappointed. They requested $6,113,500. Severe economic setbacks make their requests difficult to approve at this time. Highlights of budget message: EXISTING TOWN HALL to be sold once library expansion is complete...road resurfacing program will be funded at a slightly increased level because of severe winter...increased funding for modernization of wading pools at AF Veteran Park (last years bids came in higher than expected)...additional funding for renovations to police headquarters, new ambulance, fingerprint imaging...Cascade Truck: check is in the mail! 3 years ago Assemblyman Richard Brodsky promised $30,000 to the Firefighters Association for remittance to the town to purchase and install equipment for the cascade truck (an emergency truck that refills air bottles of firefighters and rescue workers at emergency scenes). The town never received a penny of the promised funds. I'm appropriating $l8,000 that would address the minimum needs of the program. If the town is successful in receiving the promised funding we will use the $l8,000 for police terrorism prevention...community center: complete pool renovation project...new 25 passenger bus for seniors, equipped with air conditioning.

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