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West. Arts Council Identifies site for 9/ll Mural
Release Date: March 05, 2003

GOOD NEWS! The Westchester Arts Council has identified a site for the 9/ll Memorial Mural--the western brick exterior of the IGA supermarket in Hartsdale, subject to Town Board approval. This was a competitive process. The Arts Council will provide and direct an artist who will work in consultation with the town engineer to design and supervise the installation of the 9/ll Memorial Mural. The Arts Council has committed up to a total of $l2,000 for the project. The town will cover installation costs. There are 2,000 tiles that will be displayed. Westchester residents have attended workshops expressing what 9/ll meant to them on 6 by 6 colorful tiles. Images range from the patriotic, such as people saluting flags, to the pastoral, including scenes of grassy fields and other lovely places far removed from the destruction of that day. This could be a big enhancement for E Hartsdale Ave---help revitalize the downtown area. IT will make Hartsdale Ave a destination for people to visit. It will help attract stores to vacant storefronts. It will help the merchants. And, more people will want to park their cars in the parking area in back of the stores. The Greenburgh Town Board will discuss this at their next Town Board meeting March l2th. I hope the Board will enthusiastically support this project. It's a big honor for the town to have been selected by the Arts Council for the premier 9/ll Memorial in Westchester.

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