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Urgency in approving resolution re: STATE LEGISLATION
Release Date: February 27, 2008

To: Town Board-
This must be given the highest priority attention. I just spoke to Joe Lucasey. These are just a few of the impacts if we do nothing next week.

The appeals court’s decision reversing the Taxter Ridge case made clear that the Finneran Law requires that the town’s parks and recreation facilities must be restricted in use only to residents of unincorporated Greenburgh. This endangers our entire recreation program. Guests may not be permitted to use the pool, some seniors who were long term residents of the town but who moved will be kicked out of the program. Many programs such as softball and baseball rely on non residents to up the numbers to make the programs viable. These programs may not be able to be run if we exclude non residents. The income generating tennis bubble will not be able to be approved. The Swim Team may not be able to function as they have been because they won’t be able to host events. We will not be able to rent the multipurpose building for birthday parties. Residents will not be able to bring non resident guests to the Secor Park picnic area. As a result, the town will lose additional revenue. And, the quality of life for unincorporated Greenburgh residents will be impacted. There are other impacts, all negative to residents of unincorporated Greenburgh.

We can fix this if we act quickly. We need to request the State Legislature to enact a short amendment to the Finneran Law which gives the Town Board the authority to allow non-resident use of our facilities when the Town Board deems it to be in the interest of the unincorporated area. Village representatives have indicated that they will work with us to get this amendment, and we think that we can accomplish it quickly.

The Town Board needs to approve the necessary resolutions to move this forward. We have no time to lose if we want to save our programs and not lose the tennis bubble. The Town Board will be meeting in a special session this coming Tuesday, March 4th at 7 PM. You are invited to join us at this meeting—which will be held at Town Hall.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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