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SHOULD THE TOWN BAN LEAF BLOWERS? You tube video discussion ....
Release Date: April 04, 2017


The Greenburgh Town Board is considering a ban on leaf blowers during the summer months. What do you think? Does the noise from gas powered leaf blowers bother you? Do you feel  that residents should be entitled to clean air and quiet?  Is it difficult to work or study (if you are a child)?  If you disagree with the ban, are you concerned that landscapers will increase rates charged to you? How should we deal with Country Clubs who need to keep their properties clean? Are there any compromise options that you could be pleased with.

About 15 communities in Westchester currently have taken action. The Greenburgh Town Board discussed this issue at our work session on March 21 . If you want to listen to the discussion please visit our website: www.greenburghny.com (Town Board archived work session meeting March 21).

Your feedback is welcome and appreciated. If you would like to be notified of public hearings on the issue please let me know. You can e mail me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com

A copy of a letter that I received from the Supervisor of the Town of Mamaroneck follows the You Tube video. 





Town Board Work Session March 21, 2017 Town of Greenburgh

Dear Paul:


The following are my responses to your inquiries about the leaf blower law in the Town of Mamaroneck. I hope it’s helpful.




Nancy Seligson

Supervisor, Town of Mamaroneck







Leaf Blower Info from Town Of Mamaroneck:


Does your community ban leaf blowers?

Yes, from June 1 – September 30, gasoline-powered leaf blowers are banned in the Town.


If yes – how many years have you had the ban?

Since June 1995, amended in February 1996


Is the law enforced?

Yes, by the Code Enforcement Officials and the Police Department.  They must see the leaf blower in operation to issue a summons.


How many summons were issued last year?



Any concerns from residents?

Residents seem to be pleased with the law. We haven’t had any complaints about it.


How have landscapers reacted to the ban?

They have told the Code Enforcement officials that some of their clients want them to use the leaf blowers, even during the ban time.  It’s difficult to know how widespread this sentiment is and if the issue is that the residents really want to ignore the leaf blower ban or the landscapers don’t want to use other methods. Several landscapers have changed to mulching leaves rather than blowing them.


Has the ban resulted in an increase in landscaping rates?

We don’t have that information.


Does your municipal parks department comply with the ban on Town property?

The municipality, County, New York State, utility companies, and school district are exempt from the law. The Town workers attempt to comply with the law except after storm events.


NOTE:  There is a sense that the current fines are too low, and not enough of a deterrent. The Town’s Sustainability Collaborative is requesting that the Town Board consider an amendment to the ban that would require a minimum fine of $150 for the first offense and progressively higher, mandatory fines for repeat violators. The Collaborative also recommends requiring a quieter leaf blower of 65 dBA for use during the allowed period. (Typical leaf blowers are measured at 75 dBA or greater.  This would represent a ten-fold reduction in noise; not a trivial difference).


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