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Significant police resources on Halloween night...Chief & I will patrol streets...should we stop by?
Release Date: November 01, 2015


Every Halloween night since I have been Town Supervisor, I have patrolled the streets around town with the Police Chief. Years ago  there was a lot of mischief and some vandalism around town. We responded by allocating significant police resources to neighborhoods around town --and have been successful in reducing Halloween night problems. During the past few years Halloween night has been very quiet around town and we hope we will have similar successes tonight.


If you experienced problems in your neighborhood and would like the Police Chief and me to stop by your house during the evening to make sure that you're safe- please advise by e mailing me your address. (no need to provide us with candy!)  In past years we made housecalls to homes that have had previous problems.


The challenge tonight: It's a weekend --no school tomorrow. And, the weather is warmer than it's been in the past.

Paul Feiner


Here are some safety tips the Police Chief sent to schools yesterday:


The Police Department would like to remind parents and children how to ensure that Halloween is both a happy and safe holiday. To this end we offer the following safety tips:

Feed children prior to sending them trick or treating in order to help them resist the temptation to consume candy prior to its being inspected.

Only purchase and allow children to eat wrapped or packaged candy. Impress on your children NOT TO EAT ANY CANDY OR OTHER TREATS UNTIL YOU ARE ABLE TO FIRST CHECK IT.

Make certain that younger children are accompanied by an adult or a responsible teenager, whom you know, when they go door to door. Go with them yourself if you can. Have the older children use the BUDDY SYSTEM when trick or treating.

Trick or treat in familiar neighborhoods and only approach well-lit homes.

Try to have children trick or treat during daylight hours. If they must go out after dark, make certain that their costume is light in color. Consider using reflective tape on the costume to make them more visible to people driving cars. Insist they carry a flashlight.

Explain to children that they should not enter homes or apartments unless they are accompanied by an adult they know.

Know which friends your children are with and what route they plan to take.

Caution children about running out from between parked cars or across lawns or yards. Instruct them to cross streets only at corners.

Have children walk on sidewalks. If there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic.

Children should only be permitted to wear costumes, masks, wigs and beards labeled "flame retardant". Remember, no fabric is fireproof.

A face mask makes it difficult to see. Have them remove the mask before crossing a street. Better still, consider using makeup instead of a mask.

Costume accessories, such as swords, and knives should be made of flexible material and not be sharp or have jagged edges.

Try to create or select well fitting costumes. The trailing sheet or billowing cape is an invitation to an accident. Hats and scarves should be tied securely to prevent them from slipping over children’s eyes. Children should also wear well-fitting and sturdy shoes.


Check all commercially wrapped candy that your children may bring home for tampering.

Discard any fruit or unwrapped treats.

Notify the police of any suspicious treats.

Keep cars parked off streets, if possible. Preferably, cars should be parked in garages or driveways.

Keep areas outside your home free of obstacles, including burning jack-o-lanterns, which could be hazardous. Indoor jack-o-lanterns should be kept away from curtains or other furnishings that could be ignited.

Illuminate the outside of your home as much as possible.

Keep the path children will walk on clear and well lit.

Keep house pets inside during the period trick-or-treaters are about.

When driving, be cautious of trick-or-treaters.

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