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Release Date: July 11, 2015

The Midway shopping center, located on Central Ave and Ardsley Road, is one of the more successful shopping centers in Greenburgh. Because of the successes of the shopping center –I have received many complaints from residents about about parking and traffic flow.  I have also experienced some of the problems.  Midway shopping center wants to expand their center. A summary of their revised proposed expansion is below.
At a recent Town Board meeting I indicated that I would not support expansion UNLESS traffic and safety improvements were made first. The landlord indicated that they will not initiate the safety improvements unless the town permits them to expand. They then offered to reduce their expansion proposal from 15,100 square feet in three separate locations to an initial phase of construction of 3,500 square feet near Smash Burger.
I want to be responsive to the community. Although I personally believe that we should require Midway to make the improvements first and then evaluate- I realize that my position could result in no additional safety improvements being made.  I have asked the Town Attorney for an opinion. Can we require Midway to make safety improvements WITHOUT approving any additional expansion? If the answer is no –and if we don’t have the power to force the traffic safety improvements – do you think we should compromise?  If we don’t compromise traffic safety improvements may not be made.
Your thoughts are welcome and appreciated.
The applicant initially proposed a total of 15,100 square feet of expansion in three separate locations. The applicant is currently only proposing an initial phase of construction of 3,500 square feet in one new building adjacent to Smash Burger, while retaining the following vehicular and pedestrian improvements in the Center:
•             The Applicant proposes Ardsley Road ingress/egress improvements. The site has frontage on Ardsley Road and Central Park Avenue South. Regarding Ardsley Road, the Applicant proposes a consolidation of the existing ingress/egress driveways at the north end of the Center. The multiple existing driveway ingress/egress curb cuts would be consolidated into one right turn-in only deceleration lane and one point for vehicles to turn left into the Center from Ardsley Road. The improvements would also provide for a dedicated left turn out and a dedicated right turn out of the Center onto Ardsley Road.
•             The applicant proposes the elimination of an existing vehicular ingress/egress driveway from the Center to Central Park Avenue South. The applicant proposes to close the curb cut and construct a sidewalk to meet/match the existing adjacent sidewalk. A related dead end lane will be eliminated in the southeast corner of the site. Proposed curbing, signage and pavement markings at the southwestern portion of the site will prominently establish a safe route for vehicles and delivery trucks which access the rear of the buildings.
•             Along the site’s northern property boundary (Ardsley Road), no sidewalks exist. The applicant proposes to construct sidewalks along the site’s frontage with Ardsley Road and to the intersection of Ardsley Road and Central Park Avenue South.
•             The applicant proposes a landscape island cut-through to facilitate pedestrian access from the existing middle parking lot to the existing Panera Bread building and proposed 3,500 sq. ft. restaurant. The applicant proposes a wooden guiderail to prevent pedestrians from cutting through other portions of the proposed landscape island in this portion of the site, and to direct pedestrians to proposed crosswalks.
•             The applicant proposes a new four (4) ft. wide sidewalk along the south side of an existing vehicular ingress connecting to the existing sidewalk on Central Park Avenue. This proposed sidewalk would provide access to the existing ‘Bee-Line’ bus stop No. 454 (Route 20 Southbound) and bus stop No. 483 (Route 20 Northbound).
•             The applicant proposes improvements to the existing circulation patterns of the Center. At the northern portion of the Center, a one (1) lane southbound driveway lane is proposed, opposite a two (2) lane northbound driveway (towards Ardsley Road). The proposed northbound driveway lane would contain a dedicated lane with pavement markings and signage for a left turn only onto Ardsley Road and a dedicated right turn only onto Ardsley Road. This main driveway entrance and exit to Ardsley Road would have curbing on each side and would be further differentiated from existing conditions in that all vehicles entering these lanes would do so from controlled adjacent proposed access points. Currently, there are no curb cuts and vehicles back out into the existing access lane.
•             The applicant proposes a new curb cut opening which would facilitate a vehicular connection from the existing free-standing bank to the Center, preventing vehicles from only having the existing option to leave the bank, enter Central Park Avenue, and then enter Midway Shopping Center. 
If the initial phase of site improvements is approved, following installation of these modifications and a minimum period of one year to monitor conditions at the site, the applicant seeks to apply for a second phase of development which would be part of a separate amended site plan process.
(  )Yes  (  )No  The Town Board should approve the expansion compromise/traffic safety improvements proposed by Midway
(  )Yes  (  )No  The Town Board should not approve any expansion. Midway should make the traffic safety improvements first. We should then evaluate the traffic conditions at Midway and then decide whether expansion is appropriate.  I realize that this option could result in no changes to traffic/parking flow made by Midway.
Please summarize some of the traffic/parking experiences you have had as  a shopper
Do you have any additional traffic safety/parking suggestions that the town should encourage Midway to take?
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