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Release Date: September 03, 2014

Great news. If you enjoy bicycling, walking you probably love the South County trail. The south county trail used to be the old Putnam Railroad and has been converted into a pathway. Many cyclists, runners, walkers enjoy the path.  Many have complained (for years) –there has been a missing link between warehouse Lane to Main Street in Elmsford. I received the following e mail from the NYS DEC yesterday advising that the county has proposed an 8 foot wide 3,300 long asphalt pathway from Warehouse Lane in the town of Greenburgh to main Street in Elmsford
The South County Trailway is a paved bicycle and
pedestrian path located primarily on right-of-way
lands of the former Putnam Division of the New
York Central Railroad. The “Old Put,” as it was
fondly referred to by commuters, provided freight
and passenger service from 1881 to 1958 between
the Bronx and Putnam County. Freight service continued
to operate sporadically from Elmsford south,
with the last freight train making its final run in
August 1982.
The Putnam Railway once served 23 stations in
Westchester, some of which still stand today. The
former Elmsford station is the only remaining station
structure along the South County Trailway. It now
houses a restaurant. Historic markers have been
placed at most of the former station locations.
The location map to the left shows the general location
of the trailway. Larger scale maps on the reverse
side detail the trailway alignment, access points,
local roads and nearby parks and facilities.
The Putnam Right-of-Way spans 36.2 linear miles
through Westchester County, of which 14.1 miles
comprise the South County Trailway, from Eastview
south to the New York City border. The remaining
22.1 miles, north of Eastview to Putnam County, is
developed as the North County Trailway.
The South County Trailway is one element of the
county’s extensive trail system that also includes the
Bronx River Pathway, Briarcliff-Peekskill Trailway,
and many other planned paths and bike routes along
the county’s roadways.
I received the following from the NYS DEC….
Dear Supervisor:
September 2, 2014
The enclosed copy of a Notice of Complete Application is being provided to inform the
public officials of your community of the submission of an application for Departmental
It would be most appreciated if a copy could also be posted in a public building where
other interested persons in your community might also see it and have an opportunity to
provide us with their comments.
Further information can be obtained from the Department representative named below.
Division of Environmental Permits
Region 3
845-256- 3040
Project Description:
Westchester County proposes to construct an 8-foot wide 3,300-foot long asphalt pathway from Warehouse
Lane in the Town of Greenburgh to Main Street in the Village ofElmford linking existing segments of the
South County Trailway. A portion of the proposed pathway will be constructed along 2,000 linear feet (LF) of
the western edge of the Saw Mill River [Water Index# H-4, Class B(T). As part of this project, the bank of the
Saw Mill River will be stabilized by the installation of boulders (500 LF), stone rip rap revetment (100 LF),
crushed stone (100 LF), and coir logs (1100 LF).
  Karen Blumenthal of Greenburgh is a policy advocate for Student Advocacy, a group that is based at 3 West Main Street, Elmsford. She and others are leading the effort to encourage parents, civic leaders, school administrators and public officials to promote good school attendance.  The following proclamation will be presented to Karen Blumenthal at our Town Board meeting on September 10th. Karen will also discuss this initiative on my WVOX radio program this Friday morning from 10-11 AM (1460 AM or www.wvox.com)
Whereas, as the new school year begins parents and school staff hope that students are off to a good start and have a successful year;
Whereas, a key aspect of school success is whether or not children are attending school regularly. Too many children miss too many days of school;
Whereas, each year approximately one in ten students is chronically absent, missing ten percent or more school days or about a month of school. In some cases, even in kindergarten and first grade, as many as four in ten students will miss about a month of school, jeopardizing their academic success;
Whereas, it has been shown that students who are chronically absent (miss 10% or more school days) in kindergarten and first grade are less likely to read proficiently in third grade than their peers who attend school regularly. Chronically absent sixth grade students have lower graduation rates;
Whereas, Student Advocacy –a Westchester County organization that works hard to enhance the quality of life for students is encouraging parents, teachers, community leaders to join the national organization Attendance Works and the New York State Council on Children and Families’ Every Student Present Campaign to make September, 2013 Attendance Awareness Month;
Whereas, parents, school staff and community members can all help support the habit of good school attendance. This can be done by building awareness, recognizing good and improved attendance and supporting our schools and families;
Whereas, it is important for schools to effectively identify and support chronically absent students- an important first step is to monitor attendance in a way that allows us to know who is missing 10% or more school days;
Now Be it Resolved that I, Paul Feiner and the members of the Greenburgh Town Board declare the month of September as Attendance Awareness Month for all students in Greenburgh. We encourage all parents, school districts, community leaders to build a habit of promoting a culture of regular attendance, using data to monitor when chronic absence is a problem and identifying and solving barriers to getting children to school
Paul Feiner

Visit our web site at www.greenburghny.com and view archived Supervisors Reports.
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