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Draft of RFP for WESTHELP property for affordable housing
Release Date: October 01, 2012

During the past year the members of the Greenburgh Town Board have been negotiating a lease with Ferncliff, an organization that provides services (and housing) to the developmentally disabled population. Ferncliff offered the town $500,000 a year in revenue. Most of their clients are referred by the Department of Social Services –meaning they are low income.
The County Executive recently submitted the Ferncliff proposal to the Board of Legislators for consideration. The majority of the members of the Board of Legislators rejected the Ferncliff application (County Legislator Michael Smith, one of Greenburgh’s representatives on the Board of Legislators supports the town’s efforts. Thank you, Legislator Smith for being responsive and helpful).
During the past year and a half I have been in communication with some developers of affordable housing asking how much revenue the town will receive if the complex is converted into affordable housing. The answer: MUCH LESS THAN FERNCLIFF would give the town. Unfortunately, the majority of the members of the Legislature are not helping the town generate the maximum revenue from this property –for a good cause (helping the developmentally disabled population).
We won’t leave the property vacant –are willing to convert the units into affordable housing. This is a draft request for proposals that we will be sending to developers, affordable housing advocates. I am posting the RFP tonight so residents can comment on the RFP and provide us with suggestions as to ways we could improve the RFP. Please submit any suggested changes to townboard@greenburghny.com.
If you know of any affordable housing developer or affordable housing advocate that might be interested in receiving the RFP, once it is posted on the website) please e mail the Town Board and town attorney Tim Lewis at tlewis@greenburghny.com.
The Town of Greenburgh will be considering applications for the development or re-development of a six-acre parcel of land within the Town, including the construction and/or operation of facilities thereon, located on the east side of Knollwood Road (Route 100A) at the Knollwood Gate entrance to Westchester Community College, for a period of approximately 20 years.
The Town of Greenburgh is located in the south central portion of Westchester County in New York State and includes 31 square miles of land between the Hudson River on the west and the Bronx River on the east. It contains five (5) major highways and parkways (I-87, I-287, the Bronx River, Sprain Brook and Saw Mill Parkways), and three major commercial corridors (Central Park Avenue, Route 119 and Route 9A).
The Town is bounded on the north by the Town of Mount Pleasant and on the south by the City of Yonkers. East of the Bronx River are the Town of North Castle, the City of White Plains and the Village/Town of Scarsdale. There are six incorporated villages within the Town: Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry, Elmsford, Hastings-on-Hudson, Irvington and Tarrytown. The unincorporated area of the Town of Greenburgh, hereinafter referred to as “Unincorporated Greenburgh,” is the subject of this Request for Proposal (RFP). Unincorporated Greenburgh is approximately 18 square miles and includes numerous neighborhoods. It is serviced by three fire districts, seven fire protection districts and nine separate school districts. Unincorporated Greenburgh’s population can be characterized as ethnically, racially and economically diverse. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2010, the Unincorporated Greenburgh has a total population of 42,863. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 2007, the median income in the Town of Greenburgh is $97,147 per household versus the Westchester County average of $77,856 per household.
The Town is seeking qualified developer proposals for the vacant Town-owned property located at One WestHELP Drive. The subject property was formerly subleased by the Town to a homeless housing nonprofit organization known as “WestHELP” which provided emergency homeless housing and related services to families with young children. WestHELP previously operated a 108 unit facility comprising a portion of Sheet 18, Parcel 128 of the Assessment Map of the Town, formerly known as “Hartford Estate”, pursuant to a ten year Sublease Agreement with the Town which expired on September 30, 2011. The subject property is owned by the County of Westchester but controlled by the Town until approximately September 30, 2031,

pursuant to Masterlease Agreement with the County. The Masterlease Agreement between the Town and the County of Westchester contemplated a use of the property for low to moderate income rental housing at the end of the WestHELP lease term. The Town is seeking to have the property developed in a manner that complies with Westchester County’s requirement that the property be used for low to moderate income housing.
The subject property is located between Knollwood Road to the west, Hillside Avenue (Route 100B) to the east, Hartford Lane and Payne Road to the north, and Old Tarrytown Road to the south. A portion of the site is currently developed and is zoned as Residential (R-30), although the Town would consider proposals that include applications to rezone the property.
The former facility operated at the Site was designed and built to make the same suitable for use as permanent housing and includes off-site improvements reasonably necessary for the operation of the facility (i.e. roads, utilities etc.).
The Town Board invites proposed property developers and/or operators, or representatives on their behalf, to provide information as to the firm’s qualifications and experience in developing properties and/or operating facilities related to municipal owned properties. Listed below are areas of specific importance that should be addressed; however, responders are encouraged to provide any additional information that would assist the Board in making their selection:
- The years of experience your company or firm has in developing properties.
- The years of experience in providing services to local New York municipal governments.
- The size of the firm’s practice, the names, education and experience of the partner(s) or principals and primary staff that would be developing the property or operating the facility.
- A brief narrative of the services that have been provided to private or municipal clients over the last five years.
- A list of at least three municipalities that your firm is currently developing properties in, operating facilities at, or providing services to, including the name of the municipality, number of years operating and the name of a contact person and their telephone number.
- The rate structure or fees charged for services provided if any.
Please provide the above information by December 1, 2012. The Town Board will select a principal from firms that respond to this request.
Each proposal in response to this RFP must be formatted as a single bound volume and must be submitted at or before the time and date set forth in this RFP. The Town of Greenburgh Town Board (the “Town”) may, in its sole discretion, reject any submission filed after the deadline.
a) Responses shall remain valid, active and firm for a period of 180 days from the due date.
b) Each Respondent must submit the information requested in standard letter size format for their proposal to be complete (fold out documents will be accepted).
c) The outside of the package containing a proposal should be clearly marked with “"PROPOSAL FOR ONE WESTHELP DRIVE SITE".”
d) All submittals must include a minimum of the elements as described in i through vii below. Although the Town is not obligated to evaluate incomplete submittals or to accept additional and supplemental materials, it may choose to do so.
e) All submittals should be concise and address the Town’s goals and objectives as listed in this RFP and relevant support documents
i) Cover Letter and Executive Summary
The submittal must include a cover letter with a statement that the individual signing the letter is authorized to obligate the entity to proceed with negotiation of a “Development Agreement” should the entity be tentatively designated as the developer for the property.
The proposal must also include an executive summary of the principal elements of the submittal, including a project description and schedule, as well as the development team’s approach to the development, mix of uses, open space, financing, environmental processing, and terms.
PLEASE NOTE, the Town is will enter into a sublease for property with the selected developer.
ii) Development Team, Relationships and References
The Town seeks sufficient information about the redevelopment team to make an informed judgment as to how well the team could perform in the role of developer of the proposed plan and to compare the qualifications of the development teams associated with the proposals submitted. Respondents are free to present this information in a format and a degree of detail that, in their judgment, is adequate for these purposes.
The following is a suggested format for consideration:
• The redevelopment team description shall include the corporation, joint venture or other entity that would serve as the Designated Redeveloper of the proposed development and would be party to the Redevelopment Agreement with the Town. If the entity is a subsidiary of, or otherwise affiliated with another organization, the Respondent shall indicate such a relationship.
• Identify all participants in the Respondent’s development team including those members responsible for the building design, landscape and site design, land use planning, engineering, permitting, legal and financial analysis, and community relations, as well as investors and proposed lending institutions. This information should include, but not be limited to, company profiles of firms on the proposed team and individual resumes of key personnel who would be assigned to the project. Brochures detailing the individual team members’ qualifications may be included as an appendix.
• Submit an organizational chart showing all team members, the responsibility of each team member, and the proposed interrelationships of the team with the Town during the design, development and operation of the project.
• For each company/individual involved in the development, construction or operation of the redevelopment, identify the company or individual involved, including the name, address, telephone and fax numbers and primary contact person for each listing. The list of companies and individuals shall include at least the following:
      • Developer
      • Architect(s) (site, buildings, landscape)
      • Land Use/Environmental Planner (if known)
      • Engineer(s) (geo-technical, traffic, structural, etc., if known)
      • Attorney(s) (if known)
      • Lender(s) (if known)
      • General Contractor (if known)
      • Other
• For each member of the Respondent’s team noted above, identify the names of all principals who will be responsible for the redevelopment, construction and operation of the proposed redevelopment and provide professional resumes for each such principal.
• The proposal shall identify the persons responsible for each activity related to the permitting, design, financing and construction of the project. The proposal shall identify one or more individuals who have full power and authority on behalf of the Respondent’s team to negotiate and execute the Agreement, if the Respondent is chosen for negotiation of the Agreement.
• Three (3) references are required that can specifically address the capability of the Respondent to undertake similar development projects. References should include name, title, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses and a brief description of the relationship to the development entity in regard to previous experience.
In addition, the proposal should identify any potential conflicts that the individual team members or firms may have because of current or prior relationships with the Town of Greenburgh, Town of Greenburgh related boards and individuals, or its consultants. The Town reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to request additional information on potential conflicts of interest and to limit or prohibit the part the participation of any team member or firm due to any such conflict of interest. To the extent that public disclosure laws may be applicable, participants in the development team shall be responsible for complying with all applicable requirements.
iii) Project Experience
The Town is seeking sufficient information regarding the Respondent’s project experience to make a judgment as to how well the team could perform in the role of redeveloper of the project site, and to compare with the experience of other redevelopment teams. The following information is suggested to meet this requirement. Respondents are free to present this information in a degree of detail that in their judgment is adequate for these purposes:
All individuals listed as contacts on existing projects may be contacted and should be available to assess the Respondent’s record relating to the project(s). In addition, the Town may consult references familiar with the Respondent or members of the Respondent’s team regarding past experience, qualifications, performance, or other matters, regardless of whether the specific individuals are identified in the proposal. The proposal should demonstrate that all of the team members have experience in the redevelopment of similar size and scope projects in a comparable suburban setting.
To the extent that a developer cannot demonstrate the proper strength in a particular area, the developer will be required to hire or joint venture with an entity that has strength in that particular area. The developer must provide the names of the persons on the development team and the corporate structure to be responsible for the planning and implementation of the project.
iv) Understanding of the Redevelopment Process
The proposal should clearly demonstrate an understanding of the scope and tasks required for the design, permitting, financing, construction and leasing/sale of the proposed redevelopment and the challenges to successful completion of such a project in accordance with the project schedule. The Respondent should demonstrate an understanding of the challenges of undertaking and completing the project in Unincorporated Greenburgh by including in its proposal, among other things, a detailed plan schedule for meetings and dealing with all relevant constituencies and organizations.
With respect to project financing, each Respondent should demonstrate its approach to the financing, the risks and issues involved and how the Respondent will mitigate these financial risks and address the issues.
v) Project Schedule
The respondent shall describe the proposed project schedule including key steps in, permitting, financing, design, construction (including start and completion), and leasing/sale and occupancy.
vi) Proposed Redevelopment Program
Each proposal should include a program description reflecting the contemplated building design. Submissions of conceptual site plans with representative building elevations are encouraged. The program description should include, at a minimum, the following:
(1) The proposed development shall include a preliminary concept plan indicating the proposed use, grading, drainage, circulation, parking, views, street tree planting along street frontages, fences and walls, if any, landscaping, screening, the exterior design of the building, structures and any signs.
(2) A rendering of the site and building (s).
(3) Identify views to and from the area of the proposed development from surrounding roads and properties. Utilizing photographs, cross sections, sketches and photo simulations of the proposed development, and the visual impact the proposed development will create from all surrounding vantage points, as appropriate.
(4) A detailed account of proposed terms.
(5) A statement that the Respondent’s will hold the Town harmless for any material or condition found on the property.
(6) An affirmative statement that the Respondent will not require any financial assistance from the Town.
(7) Time periods for commencing and completing construction, and opening for business.
(8) Estimated development cost, and verifiable evidence of financial capability.
(9) A primary contact name and numbers including phone, fax, and email.
(10) An affirmative statement that the Town will not be required to pay any closing costs, inspection fees or professional fees.
(11) An expeditious planning and construction schedule that would meet or beat the following time periods for each phase of development:
A. Submit application for site plan approval not later than 45 days after Town approval of development agreement.
B. Commence construction not later than 180 days after site plan approval.
C. Complete construction not later than 365 days after commencing construction.
D. Open for business and have a certificate of occupancy not later than 30 days after completing construction.
Each proposal should also provide information on employment generation (construction and permanent jobs), secondary spending on and off-site, as well as property taxes to be generated.
vii) Proposed Project Cost and Capital Structure; Financial Capacity
The proposal shall contain, with sufficient detail, the key financial components of the respondent’s proposal, including rental terms, price point projections, revenue projections, and the Respondent’s financing strategy. At a minimum, the Statement of Proposed Financial Terms and Assumptions should include the following (draft development pro formas are encouraged):
(1) Respondents should describe their plans for funding all required improvements, including identifying sources of funds. Such description should include the proportion of equity to debt financing, and identify any special restrictions or conditions associated with the financing plan.
Respondents should also include evidence of financing resources and their concurrence with the proposed development program. A financial statement, at delivery of Proposal, or prior to short-listing, supporting the Respondent’s capability of undertaking this project including company operating revenues and expenses, history of debt repayments, and letters of credit.
(2) Identify any local, state or federal financial assistance that will be required to implement the project. Although it is recognized that public monies may be needed to bring this project to completion, the greater the respondent relies upon on subsidies the less favorably the proposal will be evaluated. To the extent the Respondent intends to utilize grant or other public funds, describe the source of such funds and the status of any commitments from the granting agency, and the Respondent’s experience in obtaining such funds;
(3) Respondents are expected to conduct their own market research/study to identify potential demand, along with any other research necessary to justify any assumptions and projections that they may make.
viii) Other Factors
Although there is no obligation to do so, each Respondent should feel free to provide a description of other factors not accounted for in the RFP that the Respondent believes underscore the Respondent’s qualifications to undertake the project and what is “unique” about its development concept.
a) Process Overview
On or before the time specified in this RFP, each Respondent will submit a proposal in response to this RFP. The Town will evaluate the proposals based upon responsiveness to items listed in Part 4 of this RFP. The Town may develop a short list from the RFP’s reviewed. If so, the Town will conduct interviews. Project teams selected to appear for an interview will be notified in writing, by mail, facsimile transmission, or otherwise, of the time and place of the interview.
Respondents may be asked to answer written questions based upon their first and best final proposals until the Town has made a final selection. I n addition, further information and detail about proposals may be requested. Such information may include pre-schematic architectural drawings, a more comprehensive project financing package, a final list of team members and further explanation of the development program.
The Town may, in order to facilitate the selection or ranking of the Respondents, visit the offices of each Respondent, upon reasonable prior notice, to observe the office facilities and conduct further interviews, or conduct site visits to observe one or more of the developments identified by a Respondent.
Once a team is selected, the Town will begin negotiations with one or more of the selected teams that will ultimately result in a developer’s designation by the Town Board of the Town of Greenburgh and the execution of a redeveloper’s agreement. If the Town believes that an agreement cannot be reached with the selected teams, the Town at its sole option may terminate negotiations. The Town may, at this time, choose to entertain proposals from other teams that may be on a short list.
The Town will evaluate all proposals based upon the criteria and procedures identified in this RFP. The Town reserves the right in its discretion to make a selection based directly on the proposals submitted or to negotiate further with one or more of the Respondents. The Respondent selected under this RFP will be chosen on the basis of ability to best meet the overall objectives of the Town, as determined by the Town in its sole and absolute discretion.
The criteria described below will be employed in assessing the merits of each qualified proposal received by the Town:
i) Experience and Qualifications of Respondent
• Whether the Respondent has sufficient and proven experience and capabilities to perform all aspects of the project as outlined in this RFP, as well as, the developers demonstrated capabilities in executing projects of this type and magnitude;
• Experience and qualifications of Respondent and key personnel related to consistent quality management, maintenance, and operation of the type of project and uses proposed. Relevant factors will include experience and qualifications specifically related to (i) ability to implement complex development projects effectively, (ii)
demonstrated success working cooperatively with public agencies, (iii) developer’s team operational approach, including the proposed timeline for development; and (iv) other special qualifications that may be relevant to the successful implementation of the project;
• Financial capacity of the Respondent to cover initial capital expenditures and operating cost: including: (i) ability to raise capital for the project, either through equity capital and unsubordinated debt financing, and/or private charitable funds and governmental grant funds; (ii) strength of current relationships with funding sources, including financial institutions; and (iii) overall financial track record.
ii) Experience and Qualifications of Respondent’s Quality of Proposal
• Quality of developer's approach to the project, the extent to which the project meets the Town’s objectives to create a high quality development;
• Potential social and economic contributions to the Town; and
• The extent to which the Plan demonstrates Respondent’s commitment to create or retain jobs for Greenburgh residents, especially economically disadvantaged persons, and to provide minority and women-owned business enterprises with an equal opportunity to compete for, and participate, in project development and operations.
iii) Cost and Time Effectiveness
• Feasibility of Respondent’s proposal, Proposals with definite funding sources will be rated more favorably than those with indefinite funding sources;
• Proposals that have no or minimal reliance on direct Town funding will be more favorably rated;
• Reasonableness of Respondent’s underlying assumptions, including proposed terms of rent;
• A project schedule that effectively and efficiently achieves a successful development in a relatively short timeframe; and
• Other factors, as appropriate.
iv) Project Innovation – Sustainable Design
• The developer must provide a narrative, along with samples or a model outlining the use of innovative techniques that are significantly superior to what is typical in such development. Demonstrated capability in project design and sensitivity to environmental issues and adjacent land uses, including architectural design, landscape design, building massing, sustainable development strategies, creative design and construction.
• The extent by which the proposal contains environmental performance, energy efficiency, and quality living spaces, if applicable, as well as innovative green design and building technologies.
Please submit ten (10) copies of the Proposal and one (1) electronic copy on CD or flash drive in .PDF format.
Proposals should be marked "PROPOSAL FOR SIX-ACRE PARCEL
(1) By hand, courier, USPS, FEDEX, UPS or recognized overnight courier to the Town of Greenburgh, Town Attorney’s Office, 177 Hillside Avenue, Greenburgh, NY, 10607.
Proposals received after the specified time and date will not be considered. The Town will not be responsible for failure of the United States Postal Service, private courier, or any other delivery means to deliver a proposal to the appointed place at the specified time in order to be considered.
(1) Issue/advertise Request for Proposal ………….………………….........………..October 15
(2) Last day for questions………………………….……………………………...... October 30
(3) Proposals due by 5:00 P.M…………………………………………………….. December 1
(4) Selection of Developer…...……………………………….…………………...December 20
(5) Finalized development agreement ...................................................not later than January 15
The Town shall review all qualified proposals and the proposal selected, if any, that is determined to be in the public interest for uses, will be presented at a Town Board work session for consideration.
Subsequent to the award, a finalized development agreement between the Town and the Respondent must be approved by the Town Board of the Town of Greenburgh.
All inquiries, questions, requests for interpretation, or clarification must be submitted in writing, either by e-mail or by facsimile and shall arrive not later than 5:00 PM, DATE.
Visit our web site at www.greenburghny.com and view archived Supervisors Reports.
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