Police Department

Police Dept.

When should I call the Greenburgh Police Department?

You should call the Police Department when you have an emergency, a non-emergency concerning a possible violation of local or state law, a suspicious condition, a motor vehicle accident or an animal complaint.

What is a police report?

Very simply, a police report is a written record prepared by a police officer documenting what happened, or allegedly happened, during a specific incident.

How can I get a copy of my police report?

Two ways: You can come to the Records Unit at Headquarters Monday through Friday from 9am to 5 pm, or you can mail us a request with a self addressed stamped envelope.

If my name is on a police report, do I have a "Record"?

No. A police report simply documents an incident which has occurred. It's purpose is not to assign blame. A person acquires a criminal record after having been arrested and convicted of an offense.

Is crime up or down in Greenburgh?

Good question. Part I offenses (the seven serious offenses as defined by the FBI) have generally been on a down trend over the past few years in Greenburgh. Part II offenses (all other offenses) have fluctuated, without an obvious a trend. Overall incidents have steadily gone up over the past several years. Click here to see recent Statistics.

How do I get to Greenburgh Police Department?

Click here for directions to the Greenburgh Police Department

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